Client Requirements

Our client falls in the list of high-class Telemedicine providers in the US. We had to match their reputation and expectations with a carefully developed app. Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, the healthcare sector has revolutionized. Remote work has become common, and now healthcare services can also be accessed online.

Our client demanded a Telemedicine application that could cater to the multiple requirements of not just the doctors and practitioners but also the patients. We incorporated an HD video calling feature, clear sound inclusion for online video consulting, a cloud database, and many other features. The client wanted this app to be user-friendly with simple yet effective features for proper communication and networking. Patient and doctor communication is very crucial in Telemedicine apps, and we played well on this point.


Application development where communication is an integral part requires tremendous work as it involves the audio-visual components. The app we created was highly optimized for patients so quicker treatment could be imparted by doctors and practitioners. Another task was to make the app HIPAA-compliant for safe and secure operations. From appointment booking to calendar reminders, there were a multitude of features that required dedicated work.

We were successfully able to deliver the app on time with amazing features and an attractive but simple UI design. The app was much liked by the client as it was elegant, and quick, and was developed using the latest tech version. Though the task was challenging, it was readily accomplished.

As they say, nothing big comes without challenges. We faced a number of challenges, both tech, and non-tech while working on this unique Telemedicine application.

Key Challenges Of The Project Were:
  • Incorporating audio-visual elements with HD quality.
  • HIPAA compliance.
  • Look-up calendar for seamless patient bookings
  • Panel for commission-based payments
  • Quick and hassle-free booking establishment
  • User-friendly and attractive app design


Our team of dedicated professionals worked amazingly hard to bring this unique Telemedicine application to life. Our tech-driven developers developed a top-notch code that helped easy deployment. Our designers worked immensely hard to come up with an attractive design that not only hooks the users but also ensures a smooth workflow. Multiple bugs were also fixed during the second test run, which saved a lot of time.

Being one of the leading healthcare providers in the US, our client wanted this app to resonate with their services and hard-earned name. This was a huge challenge as we had to be very careful in terms of audience management and doctor profile services. With the latest tools and technology, and the extremely hard work of our team, this project was a huge success.

Key Features:
Calendar for Appointments

Our team added a nicely created in-app calendar that could be used by the patients to track their upcoming appointments. The calendar also aims to ensure that doctors are aware of their engagements with patients.

Android and iOS compatible

This app was designed and developed keeping in mind its compatibility with Android and iOS both. This ensured that only one app could be used by the users, managing all the android and iOS user requirements.

Admin and billing

A payment gateway for different currencies is one of the top features of this app. Since our client has a strong international audience base, the app required a payment option that could work with multiple currencies.


Our talented team did an exceptionally great job in developing this app. There were key challenges that needed to be addressed but our professionals were always on their toes to make this project a huge success. From adding meticulous app features to ensuring that users find the app smooth and attractive, our team created a unique Telemedicine Application that was highly appreciated by our client.

In-app navigation, payment gateway, and appointment booking were very seamless and the users found it easy to use. Our client received amazing feedback on their services and how even a tech-challenged crowd was seamlessly using the app.

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