Client Requirements

Having a prominent name in the industry, the client demanded this order management software to be user-friendly so admins could effortlessly sail through different menus. They demanded a design that could be easily learned and features to support their everyday tasks like order details, status, delivery status, etc. We were also asked to add a feature for multiple channel capabilities to ensure a healthy business.

The client’s business is vastly spread throughout the country with several orders coming in each day. We added a sales order visibility feature to better understand the demands of customers and market trends and user preferences. Another unique feature added to complement the client’s business was automated logistics operations. This ensures that the orders are automatically assigned to the top delivery platforms available in the system.


Maneksoft has a world-class team of developers and designers. This project gave us a big chance of creating a tech-driven and useful Order Management Software that could manage various orders at the same time without any human intervention. Living in a tech-dominated world, we now prefer everything to be automatic. This Order Management Software was based on just that ensuring minimum manual work.

We successfully delivered the project in the given time but had to face a few challenges as well. The client requested a Stockout Management feature that could help keep a track of marketplaces running out of stock. Developing this feature took a lot of time and effort but our dedicated team was finally able to achieve this.

Another addition that took time was an E-invoicing feature that could also calculate taxes. Our developers effortlessly worked on this particular aspect and delivered a bug-free code that was smoothly incorporated into the OMS.

Key Challenges Of The Project Were:
  • Order routing feature
  • Software maintenance costs
  • Delivering the project in a short time period
  • Bug fixation
  • Addition of taxes in the E-invoicing feature
  • Bulk order processing menu


We have a strong team that consists of highly-trained developers, designers, engineers, and analysts. Our R&D team did thorough research on the industry standards of trending Order Management Systems. They observed every single detail of how the leading businesses proceed with their OMS. The research results were then utilized by our developers to create and prototype a suitable code. Our designers also came up with a classy design that was highly admired by the client.

Creating an Order Management System loaded with high-class features is a time-consuming and difficult task. We leveraged C# and NET to create features like order and stock management, inventory management, order shipment, and other essential characteristics. The latest techniques used by our experts helped us achieve promising results.

Key Features:
Order Manager

No matter how many orders come in a day, the software stores all the data in one place and manages everything without any errors.

Automated Logistics Operation

This feature was incorporated to help the client automatically assign orders to the available delivery platforms for quick delivery and order completion.

Integrated Accounting Feature

Our developers added this feature for automatic income generation and total payment calculation. It also helps identify the payment received as soon as an order is confirmed.


All thanks to our highly professional team, the project was delivered to the client on time with exceptional features. The software was greatly loved by the client for its unique features and classy design. Their organization staff was also able to easily operate the OMS without any difficulty.

The client feedback on the project was also overwhelming as their business became more seamless and automatic with the software. Human intervention was reduced and the staff was able to focus more on other things rather than worrying about the multiple orders, their management, and data procurement.

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