The internet and emerging technologies have completely taken over the world. We now see smartphones in every other person’s hands, and almost a huge chunk of the world’s population shops online. According to Statistica, about 6.92 billion people in the world use smartphones as of January 2023. Now, as a business owner, imagine missing out on this large number. E-commerce owners are now switching towards mobile apps for better audience reach and results. But how do you know if a particular agency is reliable for e-commerce app development? And what factors should you consider while hiring one?

If you are looking to get an e-commerce app developed for your business, here are some essential tips to focus on. Before finalizing something, you should have prior knowledge of all the aspects related to it. This blog is equipped with all the necessary information you need to make the right choice for assigning the app development task to an agency or developer. But before moving forward, let’s learn about the basics of an E-commerce app.

What is an E-commerce app?

Businesses are functioning online these days. The world is now remote, and people prefer to buy commodities and goods while sitting comfortably in their homes. This is where an E-commerce app proves to be beneficial. An e-commerce app is designed for smartphones so people can easily access a company’s goods and products. The biggest example of an e-commerce app is Amazon.

Factors to consider for e-commerce app development

Emerging technologies need to be leveraged by businesses to make an impact in the industry. If you are thinking of getting an e-commerce app developed for your business, then be mindful of the following factors:

#1. Responsive & quick app: Today’s generation is highly impatient, and nobody likes to wait. If your app is slow and takes time to load, then you have already lost the battle. Your users will not come back to your app the next time. But a quick and responsive app will do the magic for you. All the images, texts, and banners should quickly be visible to the user as soon as they open the app. This hooks them to the products, which increases the chances of purchase.

#2. Hassle-free sign-up: Nobody likes complex things, and your audience is also the same. The sign-up process on your E-commerce app should be easy, and even a tech-challenged person should be able to go about with the process. Make sure that your app allows sign-up using a mobile phone or email ID so the user does not have to go through a rigorous sign-up process by entering every minute detail. 

#3. User-friendly interface: People prefer simple and classy apps through which they can easily navigate. A complex user interface will only lead to rejections, as your audience will not be able to find their preferred products. Always ask for a simple yet attractive interface for your E-commerce app. A professional agency will always present customizable design options so you can choose the best one for your app. 

#4. Cart management portal: Another vital feature your app should have is a cart management portal. Some applications have highly confusing cart management features that often irritate the customer. Your app should have an easily accessible cart corner for effortless shopping. As per industry standards, cart and wishlist icons are always given on the top right side of the app because the majority of phone users are right-handed. 

#5. High-quality images: Imagine an E-commerce application with distorted or no images. Visual elements are highly influential, after all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Your customers will not be able to properly view the products, which means they will leave the app within the blink of an eye. Usually, an app loads slowly because of the image size. But a good app developer will always integrate technical features to surpass this issue. So, always ask your developer to keep this fact in mind. 

#6. Data security: In the modern world, online privacy is a myth. But your business should be an exception here. Providing proper data security will not only benefit your customers but you will also gain an impressive brand value. When customers use an -e-commerce app, they have to fill in some crucial details like their card number, net banking details, etc. As a leading and promising e-commerce business, it is your duty to ensure complete data security. Data protection is a great feature to win your customers’ trust, which also boosts the conversion rate.

#7. Multi-currency options: The world is now connected through the internet and most of the E-commerce giants offer multi-currency payment options. Adding a multi-currency option will enhance your global reach as it will be easier for people of different nationalities to make payments. Your business will boost up with increased order confirmations. 

#8. Real-time chat option: Your customers may have issues with the order or sometimes have queries. You don’t want them to wait for your email replies, do you? Adding a real-time chat feature will fix this problem for you. 

What to look for in an E-commerce app developer or agency?

The developer or agency you are hiring for your E-commerce app should be highly professional and well-versed in the work. Any developer can provide the services, but other things need to be kept in mind too. If you are aiming for an e-commerce app, then look for the following things in the agency or developer before hiring them:

#1. Experience: Experience is the key, they say. This doesn’t mean that an inexperienced professional will not deliver the desired results. But it’s always better to go for the experienced ones because they have already worked on similar projects and know a lot. So, before you finalize the agency, make sure to confirm their experience in the field. 

#2. Certification: Would you pay a hefty amount to someone who has no certification? Understandably, no. You should check the agency’s certification and license before finalizing the contract. 

#3. Online reviews: It’s always wise to do some research. Gathering critical information about the e-commerce app development agency will assure you that your app is in the right hands. Online reviews can greatly help you. 

#4. Custom app development: Some app development companies have off-shelf apps, which they tweak a bit and deliver the final project to their clients. Always confirm beforehand that the agency you are hiring offers custom app development solutions so your e-commerce app is designed and developed the way you want it.


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